Our crew

At the helm is Robin, an older guy with many years experience working with building websites from scratch or using WordPress templates and child themes. He is well-skilled in HTML, PHP, CSS, Adobe Fireworks, proficient in javascript and Photoshop, and working daily on adding other ‘full stack’ skills.

A little history . . .

Robin’s first ‘computer’ was a Sinclair 80, purchased shrink-wrapped from a King Sooper’s grocery store in Boulder, Colorado, circa 1983. The tiny keyboard was attached to a small TV (monitor) and a tape-recorder (hard drive). Using BASIC on the thing, he tested early coding skills. Soon enough, after moving to Montana, he used one of Michael Dell’s basic 8088 setups, then started building computers at home. When the web fired up in 1989, he mastered HTML, then CSS, and finally WordPress in order to build great websites. Point is, he’s been in the game for a while . . .

The balance of our staff consists of a few excellent, mature coders who, out of humility or just plain shyness, request they not be listed here. Nonetheless, our products display their skills in spades.

Our workflow

We all work together to produce websites, each bringing their individual knack to the flow. WordPress child theme adjustments, built-from-scratch sites, and reworking of established site code are the core of our labors. Multiple coders in a room will break silence to ask questions, seek review, critique each other’s work, and just shoot the bull as needed.

With all the above melding into the flow, we’re pretty happy when we can help folks with their sites. We like what we do and hope you like the end product, too.


We charge an hourly rate commensurate with our skills and matching typical fees for a mid-sized website development operation. Depending on discussion and agreement between us and a client, we can also roughly predict a ‘whole site’ cost as an optional fee method. All product, development timeline, and payment details will be spelled out in a contract.

Now, we’ve heard from many potential clients that their son, niece, uncle, guy down the street, etc., can “build websites, too, and cheaper than you guys.” We appreciate that challenge, but know that a quality site is based on years of experience and up-to-date skills. This is not a hobby for us; it’s a full-time job, and we’re confident our product is worth the price we charge.